Entry #1

New Newgrounds Account

2016-02-16 16:54:47 by ashikitty

So... this is my first post on my brand new newgrounds account! I'm a front-end web developer, but I'm also a singer and musican that also enjoys voice acting. I've added some of my social media accounts to my website list, including examples of my voice and musical arrangements.

I'm pretty excited to participate in the newgrounds community, we'll see where it goes!


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2016-02-16 17:28:04

Welcome to Newgrounds! You may want to check out the voice acting forum if you haven't already:


You can post your voice demo reel to the NG Audio Portal, too. Let me know if you have any questions!


2016-09-13 09:10:37

Hello there I'm BioElderNeo and I Welcome you to New-grounds I know you've Been here for A while But I just thought It be nice to Welcome you to the site.

Regards BioElderNeo.

ashikitty responds:

Thank you soooo much! I'm still a bit new, but I've gotten to work on some projects already. I need to upload a lot more voice clips! My profile hasn't gotten much attention, so it was a pleasant surprise that you stopped by :3